What are ADU’s?

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So…lately…. a lot of you guys hearing about and asking me is….

What are ADU’s?

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So, Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs— are small structures, typically under 1,000 square feet, that are built by homeowners on their properties—this was  a centerpiece of state housing legislation over the last few years after five bills were signed into law to allow for Californians to build such structures in their backyards. By allowing residents to both build a small apartment and convert their garage. So this is great news for home owners and investors!

Imagine that you can add additional living square footage to your home and be able to rent it or allow more occupancy to YOU Property?

“People will be able to have an ADU and a junior ADU on single family lots, or they can convert two garages on a duplex lot,”

So now you know and you can keep that in mind if you want to expand or buy a new property.


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