Why Essential Services?

Last week our industry was deemed an essential service during a crisis.

If you saw my video on FB or IG I lay out some basics what’s essential and what’s not during this time.

But more recently I had many people ask me why real estate is an essential service?

So I just wanted to highlight some things to further explain…

But first I want you to know.

I’ll continue to serve those that need me now, and will do my job with all possible protections in place.

And I’m here for the community, clocking in every day, helping the families struggling and adjusting around me.

So let me get to it…

The government labeled residential real estate “essential” last week, it’s really not about “sales”.

In reality, our government and the real estate industry are much more concerned about people that have special challenges…

Some examples…

A mother of two boys who just lost her husband in a horrible car accident last night. They didn’t have life insurance. She realizes she can no longer afford the home her and her children live in. That mom desperately needs to sell the house and get a smaller one in the same school district because she doesn’t want the kids to be further dramatized by losing their friends right after just losing their dad.

An 80-year-old couple who just moved into a small condo to cut expenses and put their 4-bedroom colonial up for sale. They lost most of their life savings this month in the stock market crash. They must now sell their previous house immediately because they need the proceeds of that sale to sustain them financially.

A couple with an infant daughter who has special long-term medical needs. They must move closer to the hospital that specializes in the type of procedure required to heal their little one. They need to move now.

You see… TV concentrates on the glitz and glamour of the profession. In reality, Realtors serve many people through some extraordinarily difficult times. Death, divorce, sickness, job loss. The list goes on.

We don’t talk much about these people and situations because of privacy purposes as you might expect.

Situations like those mentioned above and many others are taking place right now all over the country.

We promise you it’s not to be selfish, but people do still need to buy, sell or rent a home as a basic need.

It’s not about “sales” right now, it’s about serving those in need.

I am here to assist you in every way possible and are committed to providing you with the utmost service and guidance moving forward.

On behalf of my team and myself, we send our love, prayers, and best wishes for the health of you and your loved ones. We will get through this together.

If you have a special situation and need guidance. Just hit reply.

Lastly, I hope you’re having a great weekend! Be safe and healthy!

PS: If you’d like a download of the full announcement from CISA (a part of U.S. Homeland Security) Just click here bit.ly/2UHxnuX


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