From Tech To Real Estate: Full Story On The Rise Of Leo Chen


Do you want to unlock the best real estate opportunities? Or do you need to transform your life through Real Estate? Well, this article is for you! Here is the story of the bleeding edge real estate entrepreneur- Leo Chen disrupting the industry. Leo Chen is helping people increase the home’s value as well as win the Real Estate game.

Leo is a top Orange County Real Estate expert and consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. He is skilled in Real Estate Licences, Technology Management, Real Estate Negotiations, Real Estate Developments, and Real Estate Owned (REO). Leo passions in connecting individuals to their Real Estate needs no matter their situation. He understands that there is always an opportunity to improve upon them, whether seeking a better neighborhood for their growing family and lifestyles or a lifelong dream of living by birth.

Shifting Gears To Real Estate

Leo worked in the Marketing and Tech industry for over a decade and a half. He started from scratch to become an effective marketer and tech expert. To him, it was the best way of establishing himself as an industry authority. “What if I bring all my latest tools to transform dreams into reality?” Leo thought. He had an idea of shifting gears into the Real Estate business. And guess what? Nothing could stop him. Leo delved into the Real Estate business with so much zeal.

Today, Leo helps his clients in a step by step approach to buying a home in today’s market. He also uses particular strategies to increase the value of his clients’ homes in today’s home buyer’s eyes. Leo has served hundreds of clients to satisfaction using his strategies effectively. For those looking to sell, buy, invest or rent Real Estate in Orange County, Leo often shares “off-market” deals with private clients.

The Rising Star

The journey to success has not been a walk in the park. However, Leo has persevered through all the trials and challenges to achieve his life goals. His achievements are a clear indicator of a visionary man. Today, Leo is the operator at Leo Chen Real Estate Group and realtor/real estate investor at Coldwell Banker Newport Beach. He is the owner and founder of The Wisdom Club and also the Leo Chen Real Estate Group. Additionally, Leo is a Realtor at the National Association of Realtors. He is also the owner and founder of the Carol Revolution.

The following are some of the success that Leo Chen has achieved;

  • Second generation real estate family.
  • Thirty-two years south orange county resident with intimate knowledge of the local communities.
  • Real estate speaker and educator
  • Among the top luxury real estate agent in sales volume in Orange County 2020
  • Fastest growing real estate social media influencer of Orange County
  • Live interviews host with businesses and real estate entrepreneurs during the pandemic
  • Designated Residential Real estate Member of So Cal BNI

Why Work With Leo Chen?

Leo goes beyond his clients. He serves them with higher professionalism than any other company. Besides, he is super responsive, honest, hardworking, and able to find a hidden treasure property that otherwise would never have been located. The estate champion, Leo, is charming and friendly to first time home buyers. He provides them with great insight and walks with them in every step. He makes the entire process hassle-free and extremely fast. He always responds to his clients’ questions and concerns with enthusiasm.

All Leo’s clients have testified their satisfaction with the services they received from him. Therefore, if you are looking for a go-to residential real estate in Orange County, search no more! Leo Chen is your #1 solution.


Therefore, if you want to leave your mundane 9-5 job and start saving for your retirement, or you want to become a full-time Real Estate investor, the time is now! Invest in réal estate today. Real estate will give you a steady income, long-term financial security, tax benefits, mortgage payments, capital assets appreciation, and inflation benefits. Above all, you become your decision-maker. Make a step today and start your Real Estate business. For more information on Real Estate, you can connect to Leo Chen on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also visit his website. 


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