Don’t be loyal


Are you loyal?

Do you keep going to a restaurant…

even if the food is terrible or maybe you’ve even gotten sick from it?

Do you love your car even thought it broke down 3 times in the last 2 weeks?

Do you eat the same things even though it makes you feel terrible the next day?

Or maybe you’ve hired an agent in the past even though they doesn’t return your calls promptly when needed?

Today, I want to offer you this..

DON’T be loyal.

I want to offer that you ask more questions

I want to offer that you find out what you might be missing

If you only ate junk food and never healthy food, how would you know what eating healthy food feels like?

Similarly, if you never had a great agent that communicates and show you how to maximize your time and dollars…

How would you know if you didn’t get as much as possible out of your home?

How would you know if you could have negotiated that extra X% on your sale?

How would you actually know if that agent got you the best deal possible for you?

So don’t be loyal

Instead, be curious

Be curious about what you want in an agent or a home or the bottom line.

The bottom line is getting the home that you want, at the price that you want, with the terms that you want.

So just hit reply with the word “myth” and let’s be curious common myths in real estate.

I wish you a safe and happy weekend
I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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